Hope Glows

Hope glows on the faces of those who love Jesus who frees us Hope glows in the words of those who suffer tragedy who witness life leave Hope glows in the souls of those who live by Light through fear, through grief, through the hollow depth of night Hope glows everywhere we allow Him to … Continue reading Hope Glows

Help in the Shadows

Shadows loom Infringe upon peace fear Creeping Forward As if with a sword Then His light appears More brightly against the darkened tears Radiating goodness In the midst of sadness The shadow of His wings Is refuge, a place to cling Protection From any and every direction He has come to shield and prepare You … Continue reading Help in the Shadows


Let His fire fall Embolden leaves At the tippy top of His trees His message Bow down to your knees And pray As it if it were your last day Your heart's condition Listening closely Eyes search for eternity Spears of regret Aimed and deflected Through your tears' admission You have the privilege Of knowing … Continue reading Forgiven

Overwhelmed Notes to Jesus

When the soles of my feet Meet the concrete And the breeze parts my hair I feel my heart open not tear Looking listening For His pruning What needs to go? Lord will you show Yourself To the overwhelmed Misunderstood soul It could be me Any day I let the enemy have his way Or … Continue reading Overwhelmed Notes to Jesus

Jesus is the Way

Pursuing Unending Never bending To our words Heeding and bleeding For the Higher Will Of Our Creator Jesus dying Not saving Himself But choosing us Every last one Nobody is done Until He mounts The clouds Riding in Glory To a new Beginning Death rising Doubters realizing Our Lord is true Not a myth When … Continue reading Jesus is the Way

Truth of Abuse

Abuse can be silent screams Abolished dreams A tearing of ideas The feeling nobody cares Bruises aren't always blue Emotional scars cannot be recognized by the eyes of me and you Danger can hide Behind the world's definition of right But when you listen close to the subtle things You realize nobody sings Of joy, … Continue reading Truth of Abuse