Locust Song All the Day Long

Listening to the locusts My focus Is on God Am I sure His name is on my head? What of others who splinter the fence, Those who say Jesus doesn't make sense? What of those who speak His name But turn away and defame Him? The end is drawing near It is time Proclaim with … Continue reading Locust Song All the Day Long

Good Morning, Jesus

A warm cup Cradled in my palms Comfort As to my soul in the psalms Creaky hips Stiff toes Sit In what I call My prayer chair I seek Him there Look up Aim my eyes In the far ceiling corner A place I assume where spiders gather Can't reach even if I stand on … Continue reading Good Morning, Jesus

The Man in the Moon

There so bright A crescent moon Humbly radiates the night Its aura visible to my naked eye I see also A face Kind eyes His smile is no surprise Who is this? Can't be the mythical man Must be part of His plan A watchful, forgiving Celestial chaplain Once for all, I have sworn by … Continue reading The Man in the Moon