Eyes Tell

The pain in my shoulder from being older Jags and nags The lack of sleep leaving bags of deep size Beneath my eyes They don't lie The great window to my soul In years past Anger flashed From my pupils Corneas glazed In an alcohol haze Then so many years I looked down Broken, forlorn … Continue reading Eyes Tell

Write to Worship at Ridgecrest

Spindly trees North Carolina bright hues and greens A bubbling brook Natures cozy nook A prayer walk is the label Silence is the ladle To capture the whispers Of heavenly vespers There in the woods Set apart from all the world's should's The chapel A home for all those who grapple Jesus, He lives Yet … Continue reading Write to Worship at Ridgecrest

From Sin to Saved

Legacy in bones drone on Years of tears cried and dried Hopeless creeping Never sleeping Death overtaking Its tendrils forsaking Little breath is left Yet Skeletons cannot deny resurrection For truth is He is risen! ~~ Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, … Continue reading From Sin to Saved