The Wait

Fall is brewing Leaves spewing Brittle remnants of the past Love thrives in bold color Beneath the valor Lies death Slowly taking Breath forsaken Shadows beckon Wait ... Is that all we get to do is wait? Waiting Is hope Waiting Precedes every resurrection ~~~ The Lord is good to those whose hope is in … Continue reading The Wait


I stand in the valley With ashes at my feet My heart once broken now burned Holy flames Tamed My past Put it in its proper place at last Letting die All seen from the child's eye Hopeless, loveless Barren, soul-less For it is He Who placed me in the valley Lie down with Me … Continue reading Rising

A Vision of Heaven

And the rain, she comes Pounding Sounding strong Do I belong? Here in the atmosphere Humid Dripping with hatred Threats treading On holy ground Prisoners bound Some taken, some turned Where are those not shaken? Where are my brothers and sisters Who walked, never balking in faith Am I alone here? Bending never Proclaiming my … Continue reading A Vision of Heaven

Heaven’s Reflection

Reflections of what could be Heaven Beyond the blue And clouds so true I could be looking at Jesus In this puddle No I am befuddled ... It's only trees Shimmying In the pool of water But wait ... There in the corner Is a circle of light That one could see day or night … Continue reading Heaven’s Reflection

Walk in His Light

Walk in the light clean and free For anything kept in the dark, the enemy uses against me There is holy power in the light Lies of dark, convince you to rely on your own might There is healing, redeeming power in the light Lies of dark, keep you sick in a hopeless fight Love … Continue reading Walk in His Light

Jesus Calling To Those Abused By Any Priest

I wonder how many Stare at a cross And feel loss When as a child Lied to in the name of God Told 'be naked' in Altar boy robes Groomed with gifts In exchange for sex Deformed and demonic Between man and child Defecated holy When priests helped each other cover up They said "Go … Continue reading Jesus Calling To Those Abused By Any Priest

His Rain

In our minds we take offense To nature's very defense The drink of life Rain-sheets Sprinkles meet Every flower and weed Incredibly thirsty in their journey We hide, take cover Wonder when again His sun will hover Drying the dampness We deem trouble Have you ever walked in the rain? Been privy to the awakening? … Continue reading His Rain

His Sky is the Limit

Pastel whisps Summer sky strips Begging To reveal an angel's wing Poking To show gray clouds making Cloud formations, All His creations His moon slivered some nights Crafted to complement the earth just right A sunset Steals your breath A sunrise Awakes joyful tears in your eyes Where would we be without He? Lost Formless … Continue reading His Sky is the Limit

An Ode to Those Who Have Migraines

A migraine In the mundane A pounding in the brain   Head full of lead Would feel better if it bled That being said   Please leave me alone Resting at His throne Where He invites me home   The cause they say Unknown today But maybe that doctor down the way ...   I … Continue reading An Ode to Those Who Have Migraines

The Holy Pearl: A #Poem

Ocean deep Where mysteries creep Sunk low to the bottom Lost and forgotten Until the light Shines bright On the open shell Story upon story she could tell Fish and anemone are puzzled The light, its source leaves them befuddled Unsure who to follow They now can see, as much as the shy oyster will … Continue reading The Holy Pearl: A #Poem