Hope For Those Who have been Abused

Lord I present to you Every man woman and child Ever abused, body defiled I want to honor their marks Where pain and shame Are deep Leaving their SELF Never the same Lord, you make warriors And warriors have scars Like You Who bled so ALL Would have truth And the Way to God Whose … Continue reading Hope For Those Who have been Abused

Abused, Healing

Her body not her own Beaten Torn Her name spoken with scorn Jesus loves her Cares for her scars Reminds her of how far She has come Led by His stripes He heals her strife Pain though still creeps in the night Why won't her ears hear truth? He is with her Always Indwells Yet … Continue reading Abused, Healing

Truth of Abuse

Abuse can be silent screams Abolished dreams A tearing of ideas The feeling nobody cares Bruises aren't always blue Emotional scars cannot be recognized by the eyes of me and you Danger can hide Behind the world's definition of right But when you listen close to the subtle things You realize nobody sings Of joy, … Continue reading Truth of Abuse