Morning with His Birds

Bird sounds are story News of the hours coming forth Rhythms, schisms Songs of belonging Sailing From tree tops to bus stops Some so sweet Their honey-dipped tweets Others with purpose Repeating As their tiny hearts beat A message burning their beaks They have no choice but to speak Together in nature This flying body … Continue reading Morning with His Birds

Stars and Their Names

My eyes scour Night's darkest hour Seeking His moon Humming a tune Nothing but the blood of Jesus Instead, I spy His millions of stars Twinkling, holy Named by Our Ever Only What can wash away my sin? Oh, how I need You, my Lord One day I shall know their names in your Star … Continue reading Stars and Their Names

Help in the Shadows

Shadows loom Infringe upon peace fear Creeping Forward As if with a sword Then His light appears More brightly against the darkened tears Radiating goodness In the midst of sadness The shadow of His wings Is refuge, a place to cling Protection From any and every direction He has come to shield and prepare You … Continue reading Help in the Shadows


Crystals hardening A new day dawning His blue hues His misty morning Canada air Frozen here Covering the window Of my sleepy hollow Where fear and lies deeply burrow Frothing, freezing Heavy feeling What once was clear Now encrusted … is He still near? Why can’t I see The eyes who made me? When will … Continue reading Unfrozen

Rough Water

His living water I imagine calm Baptized in peace What if His water is rough? Washing over Pulling under Leading us to surrender Deeply A letting go Tossed to and fro By Jesus Edifying us An abyss Of power No limits ... No enemy can devour ~~~ I know that the Lord is great, That … Continue reading Rough Water


My soul exclaims, "Wow!" A cloudless expanse I wonder what He has prepared in advance I pray today More wolves become sheep And more sheep find His way And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek … Continue reading Cloudless

A Slow Drum

Not too far on my walk I heard a slow-paced knock Scanning the street, neighbors’ yards Suddenly, I realized the sound Could not be found Laterally near or far There above An upside-down woodpecker snug Onto the limb Drum, drum, drum Elated, I wished For the proficient pic Professionally done Detailing his plume in the … Continue reading A Slow Drum

The Man in the Moon

There so bright A crescent moon Humbly radiates the night Its aura visible to my naked eye I see also A face Kind eyes His smile is no surprise Who is this? Can't be the mythical man Must be part of His plan A watchful, forgiving Celestial chaplain Once for all, I have sworn by … Continue reading The Man in the Moon

His Sun Sets Again

  Embers burning in His sky Clouds whisping thin An intense unwinding A fiery unbinding As night's hushed light is ushered in ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sunsets are so creatively designed by God. Sometimes its hard for me to find words to describe His magnificence. This photo is from Pixabay, but mirrored what I observed tonight. As I … Continue reading His Sun Sets Again

The Beach Veil: A #Poem

The air is gray Clouds invading every inch of soul space Danger here Vacant there A covering, a thin film What is happening in the spiritual realm? Books about Jesus Shelved next to those of witches A cute café For a quick cup The man behind the counter Expressionless as he receives my dollars Heavy … Continue reading The Beach Veil: A #Poem