An Angel in Autumn

The warm breeze Weaved through the trees Lowering her head, she succumbed To the arrival of Autumn In all its celebration of harvest with feast She tried but cannot shake the relentless beast, The one who knows Her fears and woes And preys upon her being alone Coveting families in their joyful throes Tendrils reaching … Continue reading An Angel in Autumn

Angelic Help

An angel in flight A blur A powerful surge Protection of His people Goodness and resurrection Angel leader Shining Timing Her harp hallelujahs Gathering His heavenly battalion Jesus at the helm Opening earth's ears To hear The melody Love transcendant Feathery Coming Inconspicuously Never maliciously His arms Envelop Our hearts Faint hymns of praise Joy … Continue reading Angelic Help

Choose Wise

One simple choice Alters the course Busting walls Of comfort Made to stall The becoming Blossoming Stretching Past the pat Answer The quickest fix How much in one day do we miss? Pin down the passion Burning Yearn with faith Allowing fear to die Seize the ever-present Precious moment of new ~~~ "Yet this I … Continue reading Choose Wise

Ever the Same

Summer storms Confuse the norm Harsh breezes Scatter leaves His power overcomes the trees Countless branch casualties Through my specs I read Autumn in effect His rain torrents Every season …the same trees in the same forest Evenly His sun comes up On the lost and those drinking from His cup His sky is blue … Continue reading Ever the Same

A Slow Drum

Not too far on my walk I heard a slow-paced knock Scanning the street, neighbors’ yards Suddenly, I realized the sound Could not be found Laterally near or far There above An upside-down woodpecker snug Onto the limb Drum, drum, drum Elated, I wished For the proficient pic Professionally done Detailing his plume in the … Continue reading A Slow Drum

An Ode to Those Who Have Migraines

A migraine In the mundane A pounding in the brain   Head full of lead Would feel better if it bled That being said   Please leave me alone Resting at His throne Where He invites me home   The cause they say Unknown today But maybe that doctor down the way ...   I … Continue reading An Ode to Those Who Have Migraines

Woes in the Ordinary: A #Poem

Neighborhood air Blocked Heavy Birds free-fly Soar high Above the busy, the life, the smoke and strife Houses command space People breathe, Rob the plants and trees Cars rattle and roam Emitting fumes and poison These things we ignore When we must go, when we yearn to leave Under the trees, Shade A breeze Resurrecting … Continue reading Woes in the Ordinary: A #Poem