Ever the Same

Summer storms Confuse the norm Harsh breezes Scatter leaves His power overcomes the trees Countless branch casualties Through my specs I read Autumn in effect His rain torrents Every season …the same trees in the same forest Evenly His sun comes up On the lost and those drinking from His cup His sky is blue … Continue reading Ever the Same


The heat of His Son Fires my soul With love for He, the only Holy One As flames rage Melting the cage That held me captive through the age Yes, the Son Whose blood ran For sins of every woman and man Is our only living hope For He knows we are still prone To … Continue reading Surrendering

His Sky is the Limit

Pastel whisps Summer sky strips Begging To reveal an angel's wing Poking To show gray clouds making Cloud formations, All His creations His moon slivered some nights Crafted to complement the earth just right A sunset Steals your breath A sunrise Awakes joyful tears in your eyes Where would we be without He? Lost Formless … Continue reading His Sky is the Limit