The Who on Our To-Do List

As you move through your to-do's Focus on WHO is working through you Open your hearts At the very start So it is He The reason The power His love hour upon hour Heavens stream Seeping its holy meaning Into your bones As you roll the dough for the scones Pause on Jesus whose death … Continue reading The Who on Our To-Do List

Christ Every Day

The leaf shredded and dead Wiggles in the wind The winter chill dawns Casting its shadows on what's left of Fall In my lungs I breathe What seems clean Unfiltered, unaffected by the world Oh it is His work Sent to meet me As I walk along His street Under gray cloud cover A brightness … Continue reading Christ Every Day

The Depression Condition

The gray in the air Is the fray on my soul Plain truth Pain lives Dripping like a sieve Into the light Raindrops of dread Competing with His delight What if Love and gloom Partner in doom And glory? Who can be happy, Display continual joy? Yes, Jesus, Stronger than any thoughts drowning us Always … Continue reading The Depression Condition