The Dimness in Depression

Depression is a cocoon immune to others needs Temporarily Taps become raps Snags morph into nags The list to do Ensues Battle Leaving you rattled Blasting fibs Lack of competence Zero confidence You see the shades half-south While the rest thank God cuz their sun never goes down Dim Is worse than dark You can … Continue reading The Dimness in Depression

He is Patient Hope

That hope in front of me Feels out of reach On days When ideas Swarm like bees Darting Buzzing Seeking sweet But the meat Is spoiled Foil wont trap the stench The mention Of eternity Is slippery Out of grip Listen! trips and falls Choices for all Do we crawl to stand Or band against? … Continue reading He is Patient Hope

A Depression Prayer

My body ... a lead balloon Depresses the bed Motivation seems dead Lord, I give you the selfish thoughts I said ~~~ If you are depressed and in danger, please call 1800-273-8255 or 911. Let me just encourage you to pray, pray, pray. And that is not a specific form. There is no need for … Continue reading A Depression Prayer