The Soul-Bare

Stripping bare Of words to share Pictures to post Stripping bare You will find Him there Standing in His light Asking Him to set your heart right Stripping bare As your soul unfolds Out pours wisdom only Heaven knows Stripping bare May not be fanfare Might not gather 1000 followers Stripping bare without care Of … Continue reading The Soul-Bare

Heaven’s Pause

Paralyzed by The lack of decision The mission blurs Scribbled words on my heart Told to halt Heavens pause Such sadness In my soul An admission Of guilt in continuing More When less means best Focused effort In distress Will produce more fruit Than the crazy pulls Thinning Spinning too many Plates One bound to … Continue reading Heaven’s Pause

Her Beauty, Wisdom Within

The sun glistens Off every leaf, pine needle, and flower Teaches her to listen To the Holy One and His power Not forced Or contrived Not deceived Or tortured with lies   Rather a knowing Mysteries revealed Humbling, lowering Wisdom over feelings Seeking Finding An unbinding HIs glory abiding ~~~ But the wisdom that comes … Continue reading Her Beauty, Wisdom Within