A Daughter Alone

A humbling Grumbling inside of me A daughter alone Heart of flesh, no longer stone Husband workin' The heart of a servant Mother's day Number 12 in May To honor and oh yes obey But mom is gone far, far away Into the depths of night Ashes buried out of sight I am a daughter … Continue reading A Daughter Alone

Unseen Belief

What we choose to see is a concrete slab What we hear is doom and gloom Hope in Jesus in this world is undersold, labeled drab Why believe in something unseen When you can down five beers Have sex with anyone near Hoard all the money for the countless hours of work and little sleep … Continue reading Unseen Belief

The Thin Blue Line

The thin blue line Amassed over time Those who get up every morning and dress in blue Those who walked the line for me and for you Gone, shot, killed, set on fire Or took their own death while trapped in mire The job is an uphill climb every day Standing firm in justice facing … Continue reading The Thin Blue Line

Be Like Children

Like children Nothing hindering We touch His hand Receive His attention We kneel Our tucked away tears fell Free to fall At His feet, Jesus, Lord of All We find ourselves twisting our hair Avoiding eye contact, wondering who else is there Jesus whispers The Word speaks No other sound Is around "You are here … Continue reading Be Like Children

She is a Warrior

a warrior she stands alone anchoring to Jesus no matter what comes a warrior she speaks life and hope offers herself as a vessel, a God-given rope a warrior she fears not for she trusts He goes before wherever she trods a warrior her life not her own risking death, meeting scorn she moves within … Continue reading She is a Warrior

For The Lonely

Lonely is a feeling not a fact Only Jesus knows when He's coming back So until then ... May my life story be written by His pen Alone in an aging body Abiding in His Spirit¬† of holy Waiting and working within my heart, yearning to be ever more like Him to please Him to … Continue reading For The Lonely