For The Lonely

Lonely is a feeling not a fact Only Jesus knows when He's coming back So until then ... May my life story be written by His pen Alone in an aging body Abiding in His SpiritĀ  of holy Waiting and working within my heart, yearning to be ever more like Him to please Him to … Continue reading For The Lonely

An Angel in Autumn

The warm breeze Weaved through the trees Lowering her head, she succumbed To the arrival of Autumn In all its celebration of harvest with feast She tried but cannot shake the relentless beast, The one who knows Her fears and woes And preys upon her being alone Coveting families in their joyful throes Tendrils reaching … Continue reading An Angel in Autumn

The Firework Burst

  Game over Grounding my brain Mayflies' light bodies Landing in hair BOOM My bottom lifting Eyes wide-opening Mouth gaping Dazzle exploding Beauty undressing Splendor cascading   Like a child Oohing Soul bracing Resounding power BOOM BOOM Echoing Trailing smoke and glitter Casting a spell of awe and wonder ~~~ Welcome! Today's poem was inspired … Continue reading The Firework Burst