A Poem to Honor Those Who Work on Thanksgiving

When police, fire, EMS Doctors, nurses Others in shifts Work while most gather not rift Their longing To join Those whom they miss and deeply love It's really not about the turkey ... Rather it's being used as a blessing By Our Almighty God above Treating strangers as kings Then when home, allowing the out-pouring … Continue reading A Poem to Honor Those Who Work on Thanksgiving

Our Morning Star

Onto the porch my socked feet creep Oh the glory of the coming dawn! Moon Ahhh, she's garish Through the trees I spy her crescent slices The stars ... muted, humble Knowing their rest is near Faithful designs Memories stir I wonder why I never learned more than the dippers His sky was not my … Continue reading Our Morning Star

A Slow Drum

Not too far on my walk I heard a slow-paced knock Scanning the street, neighbors’ yards Suddenly, I realized the sound Could not be found Laterally near or far There above An upside-down woodpecker snug Onto the limb Drum, drum, drum Elated, I wished For the proficient pic Professionally done Detailing his plume in the … Continue reading A Slow Drum

Freedom Isn’t Free

Freedom isn't free Battles fought Lives lost Military life Can be lonely for the wife Moving again and again At the will of the United States Government Men and women in camo Fly to the ends of His earth Sent to be the message of life, rebirth Freedom isn't free The liberties at our fingertips … Continue reading Freedom Isn’t Free

The Beach Veil: A #Poem

The air is gray Clouds invading every inch of soul space Danger here Vacant there A covering, a thin film What is happening in the spiritual realm? Books about Jesus Shelved next to those of witches A cute cafĂ© For a quick cup The man behind the counter Expressionless as he receives my dollars Heavy … Continue reading The Beach Veil: A #Poem

Woes in the Ordinary: A #Poem

Neighborhood air Blocked Heavy Birds free-fly Soar high Above the busy, the life, the smoke and strife Houses command space People breathe, Rob the plants and trees Cars rattle and roam Emitting fumes and poison These things we ignore When we must go, when we yearn to leave Under the trees, Shade A breeze Resurrecting … Continue reading Woes in the Ordinary: A #Poem