Let’s Pray Through

Oh when our hearts sing It is only from the joy He brings Sky painted blue Puffy clouds sprawled over you Spring whispers Can you hear? All what's dead Comes to life just as He said All the broken molded through fire Children playing … God's power granting their soul desire Are you living in … Continue reading Let’s Pray Through

His Sky is the Limit

Pastel whisps Summer sky strips Begging To reveal an angel's wing Poking To show gray clouds making Cloud formations, All His creations His moon slivered some nights Crafted to complement the earth just right A sunset Steals your breath A sunrise Awakes joyful tears in your eyes Where would we be without He? Lost Formless … Continue reading His Sky is the Limit

His Sun Sets Again

  Embers burning in His sky Clouds whisping thin An intense unwinding A fiery unbinding As night's hushed light is ushered in ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sunsets are so creatively designed by God. Sometimes its hard for me to find words to describe His magnificence. This photo is from Pixabay, but mirrored what I observed tonight. As I … Continue reading His Sun Sets Again