His Rain

In our minds we take offense To nature's very defense The drink of life Rain-sheets Sprinkles meet Every flower and weed Incredibly thirsty in their journey We hide, take cover Wonder when again His sun will hover Drying the dampness We deem trouble Have you ever walked in the rain? Been privy to the awakening? … Continue reading His Rain

Personal Encounter

Unaware of their names I seek the pretty The tiny The bright But oh the lavender! Almost night ...   It wasn't its color Or its position The scent Succulent and fresh Meant for me Who sometimes feels like a nobody Little ole me Intimately drawn By an aroma Supernaturally given By the power living … Continue reading Personal Encounter

The Love of Joy

Joy splashes Washes the tightness of breath Uncoils the tongue ready to stretch and strike Joy guards the lips Of a weary heart Slows the temp Disallowing the pointy slips Joy unites Relieves the stress to impress Redressing the entire mess Joy celebrates Even when inundated With unknowns In all our broken, She silently adjusts … Continue reading The Love of Joy

His Sky is the Limit

Pastel whisps Summer sky strips Begging To reveal an angel's wing Poking To show gray clouds making Cloud formations, All His creations His moon slivered some nights Crafted to complement the earth just right A sunset Steals your breath A sunrise Awakes joyful tears in your eyes Where would we be without He? Lost Formless … Continue reading His Sky is the Limit

The Firefly Way: A #Poem

(photo from wallpapercraft.net) Sitting outside Watching the fire flies Light up the night Skimming grass tops Lining fence posts Mere moments Illuminate The entire Neighborhood fate (photo from flickr.com) Whose plight needs their sight? What puzzle requires their ever so slight brief bright? As they move and commune A path A way Unafraid For they … Continue reading The Firefly Way: A #Poem