Forever is a Gift

There's so much more to see Beyond the miracle of Christmas morning You know that baby, named Jesus? He grew to be a man and walked among us We celebrate His birthday Because He is the only Way To reach God, Our Father Truth not hidden ... rather Plain … there in the manger Our … Continue reading Forever is a Gift

The Who on Our To-Do List

As you move through your to-do's Focus on WHO is working through you Open your hearts At the very start So it is He The reason The power His love hour upon hour Heavens stream Seeping its holy meaning Into your bones As you roll the dough for the scones Pause on Jesus whose death … Continue reading The Who on Our To-Do List

Angels on High

Praying by the moon Its light a gentle swoon Distant chants Angels prance Singing hymns, spin around and dance When we seek Him to mend All gapes, open-ended Jesus, thank You For Your fullness of grace  … through and through ~~~ Welcome everyone! I couldn't wait until tomorrow to post. I wrote this poem on … Continue reading Angels on High