Holy Fire

Behold our Holy blacksmith Fanning anointed coals Spirit-flames flooding souls Set a fire in every man,  woman and child Marked, chosen Purposefully broken In His furnace ... only gold Refined to the wisdom of prophets' old Forging strength like Christ, bold Bold in truth and depth Depth of hearts willing to stretch Touch another wretch … Continue reading Holy Fire

Expect Goodness

People-watching More like honoring Waiting explicitly For goodness To reveal its fullness Here we come There we are Dressed in jeans, shorts And everything in-between Some roll with smiles in the sun’s heat Despite crawls of nearby crowds Splashing and loud Some sweat profusely Seeking shade as they wander The desert Both young and old … Continue reading Expect Goodness


Here it comes! A faith test Lest we question what's best Abraham's heart Would have finished what he started Laying Isaac on the altar All feelings pushed aside so his faith would not falter What about you? When has faith cornered you? Forced you to choose Between ok and truth Engage in plain evil Or … Continue reading Perseverance