Rough Water

His living water I imagine calm Baptized in peace What if His water is rough? Washing over Pulling under Leading us to surrender Deeply A letting go Tossed to and fro By Jesus Edifying us An abyss Of power No limits ... No enemy can devour ~~~ I know that the Lord is great, That … Continue reading Rough Water

The Beach Veil: A #Poem

The air is gray Clouds invading every inch of soul space Danger here Vacant there A covering, a thin film What is happening in the spiritual realm? Books about Jesus Shelved next to those of witches A cute cafĂ© For a quick cup The man behind the counter Expressionless as he receives my dollars Heavy … Continue reading The Beach Veil: A #Poem

His Beach Ways: A #Poem

Packing Stacking Snacks and cards Swim suits and jars Of peanut the butter What could be better? Than a sandwich stuck in sand? Or the crisp skin undone in the sun? Oooh Pause and brew Breathe in His sea Salt-sprinkled air Calling you to rest Twist your toes And forget about being the best Social … Continue reading His Beach Ways: A #Poem

The Holy Pearl: A #Poem

Ocean deep Where mysteries creep Sunk low to the bottom Lost and forgotten Until the light Shines bright On the open shell Story upon story she could tell Fish and anemone are puzzled The light, its source leaves them befuddled Unsure who to follow They now can see, as much as the shy oyster will … Continue reading The Holy Pearl: A #Poem