Freshly fallen Like a wound wide open Vibrant color As the blood runs When the wind stings Hymns of self-pity His voice whispers, Come, tarry Don't wait, make haste For the color in your face Has drained This pains your ABBA Father Time passes Prayers in masses Gashes scab over Fray at the edges Pain … Continue reading Healing

The Thirsty

The thirsty Seek hints of solace Fall into the arms of wolves Who prey On the vulnerable Who twist lies into "truth" Who tie the veil closed At the threat of being exposed The thirsty Were born to seek A spiritual home Based upon Truth Our Living Jesus Always moves Toward the lost, broken and … Continue reading The Thirsty

Jesus Calling To Those Abused By Any Priest

I wonder how many Stare at a cross And feel loss When as a child Lied to in the name of God Told 'be naked' in Altar boy robes Groomed with gifts In exchange for sex Deformed and demonic Between man and child Defecated holy When priests helped each other cover up They said "Go … Continue reading Jesus Calling To Those Abused By Any Priest

Truth About Childhood Sexual Abuse by Priests (based upon report from PA Attorney General)

Hushed mouths Naked bodies Trespassed Sins surpassing Any and all imagination Crimes in His name His holiness Tainted Painted Wrenching Memories Breathed and swallowed Gagged, ground into marrow Darkness long hung Cantations unsung Faith confused Souls bruised Avoiding love Hoarding any part Of self Until the Secrets unable to stand still Behind doors Inside locked … Continue reading Truth About Childhood Sexual Abuse by Priests (based upon report from PA Attorney General)

Abused, Healing

Her body not her own Beaten Torn Her name spoken with scorn Jesus loves her Cares for her scars Reminds her of how far She has come Led by His stripes He heals her strife Pain though still creeps in the night Why won't her ears hear truth? He is with her Always Indwells Yet … Continue reading Abused, Healing

Truth of Abuse

Abuse can be silent screams Abolished dreams A tearing of ideas The feeling nobody cares Bruises aren't always blue Emotional scars cannot be recognized by the eyes of me and you Danger can hide Behind the world's definition of right But when you listen close to the subtle things You realize nobody sings Of joy, … Continue reading Truth of Abuse