The Lord’s Supper

What if Jesus was with us?

What if He sat beside you and you felt His power go through

Every nook and cranny of your soul

A peace river rushing

A wave of comfort hushing

Strength rising

Jesus was a builder

Used His hands

to reach sinners

to heal lepers

to hold small children,

the ones to whom the Kingdom belongs

What if Jesus was with us?

Would you have words to share

or bend your creaky knees to the floor, your heart to bare?

If Jesus was with you,

we don’t know exactly what He would do

Rest in this:

The Builder’s hands would tenderly grab

your cold, life-worn feet

He would pour

water between

your forgotten toes

as He bowed low

He would whisper

as He washed,

You, My child will

taste and see

My Father’s glory

I will show you

what I am about to do

Surrender to Me

all that steals your peace

Soon I will be lifted high

so that all may watch as I die

Do not worry

for I will not remain buried

Though I leave you tonight, we will be

together again, you and Me and all who believe


And He said to them, “This is my blood, which confirms the covenant between God and His people. It is poured out as a sacrifice for many.” (Mark 14:24 NLT).


Have you participated in the Lord’s Supper? Have you ever led others in the Lord’s Supper? For my Christian Worship class and for whatever ministry God gives me in the future, I get to minister to 3 sisters this Wednesday night. We will enter His living presence as we remember what His death and resurrection means in our lives today. I will share this poem He gave me with them, too. Praise God!

Have a beauty-full day, no matter the weather, resting in the truth of Jesus Himself.


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One thought on “The Lord’s Supper

  1. Oh this one made me cry!! Oh we have been given such gifts of love, how does everyone not know Him, not love Him????
    I want everyone to know Him.
    Thank you Julie❤️

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