Fingers wobbling


Whom will post a no

Whom will accuse me of being out of the know

When you are the branch, and He is the vine

It is wasteful to quibble about details on His time

For what is God seeing?

The people He has redeemed

Picking up their chains

Hurling arrows, causing stain

Whom that was free is now sentenced to the grave?

Simply from a decision to turn away from God and willfully behave?

I know, we don’t know the extent of His mercy

Read your Bible

Don’t skip the ugly parts

His wrath

Comes down

Upon those chosen for heaven’s crown


We are no different than the Israelites

Who were created precious in His sight

Yet over and over again we demand what we think is right

While He is patient

And not returning with fire in His eyes

Repent, yes me too, not just you

Repent for we are a people who have gone astray

Haughty, indignant seeking our own way

Jesus promises to make a Way

So lay down every idol, pride, politics, coming against others … if you call that having a say

Repent and turn

From the wrath of His fire preparing to burn


Writing is a way for me to continue to worship God in the midst of this world’s mess. He gives me poems to share, and His purpose will be accomplished whether with the words He gives me or those in His Word. There is no one more mighty, more holy, more righteous than our One True God. I will proclaim and share His name wherever He sends me to do so.

Pray on, brothers and sisters.

In Him,


2 thoughts on “Division

    1. Thank you for coming alongside on this difficult but pertinent issue in our lives. And thank you for following this blog! I don’t post here often, about twice per month as God leads. Have a blessed day, Julie


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