Leaders, Lead


so the storm will not shake

and the weary will stay awake

Let the Lion of Judah in you lead

For He is our victory

He loves all, but not all will follow

Those who love Him shall grow not wallow

Stand for TRUTH when lies swarm

Pray on bended, broken knees for the lukewarm

Ring a Hallelujah for His saving

for His faithful answers to our praying

Be Watching

Be Watching

When trouble comes (and it will)

Be the first to call upon His Son, praying in the Spirit against evil

Show your flock that because of Him

when you are weak, you are strong

Let praise be your song

that rises like incense above the hate

the accusations and the violent debate


This poem was inspired through praying for America’s leaders, seeking Him to raise up leaders who will honor Him. Too many are lost without an anchor in what is true and noble. So many are convinced Jesus is just a name, not one of salvation and power. His people need His leading, not human wisdom or political reactions. Scripture reference Joshua 23

If you need specific prayer, please email me at juliedibblespeaks@gmail.com

You may join me tomorrow at 12pm Eastern time for a live reading of this poem and Scripture from Joshua 23. Go to https://Facebook.com/jdibble4Him

In His love and for His glory,


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