Say His Name: Cannon Blake Hinnants


When a child dies

And media hides

Not only the murderer

But also his name, the boy, the innocent victim

Doesn’t it make you wonder

How many lives will be plundered

Before Truth will prevail …

Or how many “peaceful” protests will ruin

monuments and destroy businesses … without regret … acting in no avail?


His Kingdom come

His will be done

On earth as it is in heaven


These aren’t just feel good words

These are the breath of the Lord

Who will act in His timing

To bring peace and restoration to all who are suffering

At the hands of evil

For under His reign, NO gates of hell will prevail


Thank you for joining me here. I try not to read or watch the news. However, on Facebook this morning, I saw this pattern “SayHisName. What, Lord? What child of Yours died at the hands of another?

In shock, in prayer, in calling out to my God, this poem …

May God comfort this boy’s family and all who knew and loved him. May God the Father draw all in this situation, even the murderer, to repentance and His arms. May we as a nation not be silent and speak His words and His truth for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Love in Christ,


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