Bow to Jesus

When His sun begins its descent
The brightness lingers
Boldly shining
As if this is the timing ..
Lord, what is this hour?
Jesus, Your name is power!
Listen as we bow on our knees
You are Our Only God
Our Mighty Sovereign Lord
We will not bow to men
Or any organization
We praise and serve You
For where would we be without Your saving Truth?
How could we live
without Your eternal forgiveness?
Sin leads to death
Lord, rescue those gasping for breath
Those who have lost their way
Those who want to come to You but don’t know what to say
The time is near
For You, Jesus, to come back and dry our tears
Lord, we will wait on You
We trust in You
We praise You
All the rest of our days through

#poetryisagoodwaytosendtheday #sunset #Lordweneedyounow #prayliketheresnotomorrow #Jesussaves #Godlovesyou #Christian #pastortrack #writer #poet

2 thoughts on “Bow to Jesus

  1. Amen! Touching and filled with truth. I humbly bow to Jesus every morning when I take my transgressions to the Cross. Thanks Julie for sharing this inspiring poem; it reaches out and expresses the light of our Lord.

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