O Merciful God!


a tired spirit

a dry spirit

choking on dust

Lord, have mercy on us!

we fall short of Your glory

we try to control Your story

we love broken


we thank You for how You have woven

us as one

in unity with Father, Spirit, Son

rain down


all that is righteous to drown

what is wicked

what follows the apple bitten

Lord, Your mercy, do not delay

we humble ourselves in Your presence each day

we need Your mercy planted in our hearts

that we may share the Good News not in part

but in whole

wherever we go

no matter the season

to those practicing magic and treason

to those living in sin

to those chained by addiction

yes, Lord, Your mercy

to clothe us,

Your betrothed

Your bride


as Your mercy melts our pride

let us rise, be Your holy Light

in a world caged by sin and fright


For judgment is without mercy to the one who has shown no mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment (James 2:13).


His sobering truth is that we shall be prepared, armed with mercy to share with this hurting world AND we shall be humble in repenting seeking His mercy in time of need.

Mercy is simply the withholding of wrath we deserve.

It is difficult to wrap your brain around how much mercy we have been shown, how many times we could have received a death sentence for our sin but there was His mercy.

God gave me Mercy as a topic for a sermon. I preached at our church at a park a couple weeks ago. Here is the link. You will have to forward through announcements to get to the sermon: https://youtu.be/dlUAVF3HzjO.

May God draw you near. May He be Your first stop when you are in need of mercy or need help sharing mercy with others.

All photos in this post are from Pixabay.com.

Love in Christ,



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