Colors of Christ


a plethora

heavenly flora


though we pick colors we see

wedding decor, dresses, sandals for our feet

Christ’s colors


reveal more

in their aroma

looks can deceive

while unmistakable peace

ill-described in speech

is better discerned beneath

or such gentle smiles

rise from within after walking miles


in the light


honoring His timing


leads to


of aromatic fruit


Peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness (James 3:18).


Welcome, all.

Spiritual peace, true kindness, unconditional love can only come from Our One True God and Savior.

We struggle as people. We are broken. We carry pain. We blame.

But God.

His Spirit works within us to help us be more like Him, unshaken and loving in times of stress.

If you have any questions about faith in Jesus Christ, please feel free to email

All photos in this post are mine.

Be strong in Him, not in yourselves.

Love in Christ,








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