Hope Grows

Lord, I chase Your wind

When I see Your trees

Waving at me

Gladly swaying

Or bent in reverence praying

I sense Your Spirit changing

Drawing creation to praising

Your wind protects, destructs

Prunes the fruitless

Bears witness to Your greatness

If Your wind does such things

I can barely imagine

Scarcely fathom

Your glory

Where Light is adorning

Every corner

And song …

… the one we long for


Angels with those He crowned

And that all He has called will bow

Holy, holy, holy

Worthy, eternal and holy


Thank you for gathering here. I haven’t written a poem here since May 10th. A lot has happened in our world since then. I often will post poems directly on the ministry page. You can find that at https://Facebook.com/jdibble4Him

I pray you know you are safe and loved by God Himself.

If you have any questions about God or Jesus, feel free to email me at juliedibblespeaks@gmail.com.

Have a beauty-full rest of this given day.

Love in Christ,






2 thoughts on “Hope Grows

  1. So beautiful, Dear Julie. This phrase is stirring my heart tonight:

    “I can barely imagine

    Scarcely fathom

    Your glory”

    Oh! To keep my heart open, longing for more of Him, watching for His glory. Amen.

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