The Deep

When even the tallest trees
Are moved by His breath-filled wind

When tiny amoeba
Are fed and cared for

When we lay our hearts
Upon His altar

When tears are food
When steel bars have trapped our bad mood

When we lie prostrate
Surrendering our way


Deep calls to deep
Heavens mercy

Rises in a wave
Crests in the distance
In cleansing
Comes crashing
Soaking your clothes
Running down to your toes


For Jesus is washing your feet
Serving you though you can’t see

God has called you
To walk further
To go where you can’t touch below
Simply to trust He will grow
Your faith
If you let panic and the world’s static go
His love
Covers deeply
Seeping into the hidden
Crevices created
For you to feel safe
Until you trust His way

Deep calls to deep
Let awe and wonder
Wander your mind
Let the tangled thoughts
For You are His
Created for His purpose
You are divinely designed
To reckon with the devil
Who threatens

How do you stand
When the water is too deep
His promise

To reach down from on high
Take hold of you
Draw you out of deep waters
To rescue you
Because He delights in you

Then listen
Give ear
To He who is near
For He has plans
To use what He has drawn out of you

Deep speaks to deep
Healing leads to believing



I am someone who hangs out in the deep, more often than on the surface. I have learned to chat and mingle, but my preference for close relationships would be those who meet me in the deep. Maybe not everything is shared, but depth is not only tolerated but welcomed.

Here is a song I want to share with you. I believe God prefers the deep too, though He has a sense of humor and welcomes our talking to Him like a friend. But if He had to choose (I own this as my spiritual sense), I believe He would choose to meet us in the deep often:

***I apologize the link I posted (twice) is not working. The song is called Hidden Places by Vertical Worship.

Feel free to start a conversation here in the comments.

This poem is supposed to be spoken. I will keep you posted where I read it.

Scripture references: Psalm 18:16-19, Psalm 42, Jeremiah 29:11-12, Romans 10:17

All photos in this post are from

Be strong in Him, not in yourselves.

Love in Christ,


4 thoughts on “The Deep

  1. Amen. Deep calls to deep, in the noise of your waterfalls, all your breakers and waves have washed over me. … it’s a passage that He returns me to very often. Thank you for this beautiful poem to ponder dear friend.

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    1. Good morning sister, I recently had a dream about the deep. Still pondering. Think it will go in the book. Love to you today, Bettie. We have His sun peeking here in the little middle of PA. I pray God show you something beautiful this given day, Julie

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