What Can We Learn from His Birds?

When His sun rises

open wide your eyes

see JOY in bird flit and flight


When morning comes

unblock your ears

listen to HOPE in their song



When day has broken


Know, like them He is good


His birds see Light

fly freely … explore

live their lives more


When clouds cover

His birds hover

seek refuge beneath their King’s wings


His praise they still sing

in the midst of fear, doubt

their tiny hearts beat, pushing to trust


He who sees,

feeds, and frees


Welcome! This poem (and photos) are all from my walk with the Lord this morning.

Isn’t it amazing how His birds live out their faith even though they have never read Scripture?

God has many names, all are power-full.

Below are 3 Hebrew names for Him.

As I have learned about each one, I find I look for these qualities in Him more regularly. I pray this poem and this information lead you to draw closer to Our Almighty God.

El Roi, the God who sees me

Jehova Jireh, the Lord will provide

Yahweh, God of the Israelites or Yashua means Jesus saves

It is not an accident or an afterthought that God commands us to trust Him with all our heart (Proverbs 3:5).

Our trust in Him is His plan to redeem us, make us whole in Him.

If you are having trouble trusting God during this pandemic, do not stay in doubt or fear:

  1. Cry out to God, tell Him everything on your heart
  2.  Praise His name, thank Him for all He has given to you in your life
  3.  Find a verse in the Bible or any passage/psalm in Scripture that speaks to your life now, keep reading it as often as possible until you know you need another truth
  4.  Let me know how I may pray for you: juliedibblespeaks@gmail.com

Have a beauty-full day, no matter the weather.

Be strong in Him, not yourselves.

Love in Christ,


https://juliedibblewrites.wordpress.com/2020/05/01/one-moment (this is the story about a God moment with a bird!)





6 thoughts on “What Can We Learn from His Birds?

  1. Amen! Oh, that my heart would trust Him with that same faith of a child that even the little sparrows know. He doesn’t miss one detail of all that we need. Thank you so much for this encouragement today. xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for joining me here Bettie. Those little birds. Wow! So much obedience to Our God who sees, feeds, frees them. Lord, we love You, help us to lay our plans, our burdens at Your feet. We want to trust You like children, like the tiny sparrows. Praying as I type sister. Love you, Julie

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Amen! This poem speaks of the majesty of our Lord in His creation. I enjoy listening to the birds in the early twilight of the morning. Julie, your photos add so much to my experience. God’s peace!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for joining me here, Richard. So glad you see Him in these words! I miss my morning walks. Been under the weather this week. Hoping to venture out today. May God of All Time bless you today, this given day.


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