A Poem of Easter


It is finished, Jesus said
As He gasped and bled

None of us really know
How much sin was in His blood flow
Was it ours?
Oh my yes, for all our life hours
The earth shook
Darkness hung while fear overtook
The hearts of men and women
Not remembering the Temple would rise again
Jesus, unafraid

Because of His faith
In Abba Father
For Jesus’s body hung in the hands of the Potter
Suffering no longer
Our Savior rose, death conquered
Today, our thanks be to You, Lord

Forever is a gift we set our eyes and feet toward
May Your bride
Magnify Your holy name as our love for You we cannot hide



Welcome! It is almost that day of His resurrection. I can hardly wait. This poem came to me in prayer. It became a gift to some via snail mail. Then, God opened a door for me to read it for our online church service this Sunday. All praise and honor and glory to Him!

If you have any questions about faith in Jesus or need prayer, please don’t hesitate to email me at juliedibblespeaks@gmail.com.

If you and your loved ones are looking for a way to “attend church” tomorrow 4/12, join us at ncfcog.church.online at 10:45am Eastern time. Just click the website. No social media is needed to find it.

And if you want to share how you will honor Jesus this weekend, please do here in the comments!

Our boys and I will have a quiet afternoon after church tomorrow, awaiting my husband to wake up after his night shift. Dinner will not be ham or turkey. Not sure exactly what will we eat. Our prayer is that my husband remains safe and virus-free while working on the front lines. Our praise is that the four of us know the true meaning of this weekend.

All photos in this post are mine. The first one is from Camp Sonrise Mountain where I have been the speaker for two women’s retreats. The second one is a beautiful creation someone made and is hung in the church where I worship. The rest are from various neighborhood walks 🙂

Love in Christ,







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