We Are Watchmen

So much sin
God sees the mess we are in
Spirit hovers
Clouds of witnesses cover
He assigns watchmen
Those strengthened to do His work therein

If the trumpet sounds
His people shall gather round
His teaching
Ever believing
God’s will
Is for us to be still

And know He is Lord of all
He loves us, before, during and after the fall
His Word
Tells us to be firm
And to turn
From ways of wicked

Lord sees through the thick
Dirt, not the kind you fill your sills
Lord grieves
As we leave
His throne
Doing it on our own
For before Him
There was no other God, nor will there be one after Him
Oh Lord

Your glory and power
May more hearts bow to you this very hour
We love and honor You
We ask You draw the lost to You
We ask You to lift the plague
And that Your children’s lives be saved



Good morning and welcome.

This poem came to me as I read Ezekiel 33 yesterday. I encourage you to read it, too.

My heart is still heavy for how God is grieving. This virus is a plague. I believe God will lift it when more people honor Him, revere Him, surrender their lives to Him.

If you have any prayer needs or questions about faith in God and His Son Jesus, please email me at juliedibblespeaks@gmail.com.

All photos in this post are from Pixabay.com.

May Our Father in heaven make Himself known to you today.

In Christ,





2 thoughts on “We Are Watchmen

  1. Oh Julie God gives you such beautiful and powerful words for all of us. This is a difficult time but we will see his will be done at this time, more people will call upon him and see they need Jesus.

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