The Rain and Prayer


Good morning, sisters and brothers, readers and writers, mothers and fathers, children of the Most High God,
God leading me to post here as often as possible. His message to you, His chosen people.
He wants as many outlets as possible. I am still praying, asking for His leading to grow the outlets which I currently use.
Here’s today’s poem and invitation:
In rain
There is healing
A dissolution of pain
Elijah the prophet
The one who obeyed
Prayed and prayed
The seventh time
A hand-sized cloud
A sky gone black
A holy reveal of the Lord’s power
Yes, where there is rain
Living water douses death’s remains
Feeding, cleaning souls

Oh, Lord, show

Us Your glory over and over

Until the virus
Is sent
to lakes of sulfur and fire
While we wait
We worship and praise
Dancing to You in heaven’s rain
Join me at 12pm Eastern time at for this poetry reading and a prayer to take this virus away.
If you also follow the juliedibblewrites blog, this same post will be there today 🙂

To read more about Elijah, go to 1 Kings 17 – 2 Kings 2.

I find reading about those who obeyed God in the Bible adds to my faith. God listened to Elijah, spoke to Elijah, used him as a vessel for His people, honored requests of Elijah and gave Elijah a boldness beyond human fear.

Praise God! Hallelujah!

Add to your faith. Grow your hope in Him.

Pray and believe!

Love in Christ,

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