Blessed are Those Who Believe

There is no rest for the wicked

Blood bubbles beneath their fingernails

There is no rest for the wicked

When evil plans succeed, natural consequences avail


The wicked don’t sleep

They steep

Secret in their sin

Rationalizing they have a right to take others as victims


God says

He protects the oppressed

Jesus came in grace and truth

Justice is His character through and through


May His angel army

Surround those who praise Thee

May His Holy Spirit

Speak soft comfort to those walking in the pit


The valley is not forever

For any believer

There is Hope, shining

The Kingdom Key locked the vault where some wicked are dying


Come all you who are weary

Come all you thirsty

Come and eat at the Lord’s table

Come, listen and live, provided you are ready and able


Just stop

Look up

Speak to the One who took your cup

Let praises sing

Move your arms and legs like David’s dancing


Worship with your whole heart

Worship He who is Your life from the very start


Love Him in wild abandon


Give, pour
Pray fervently on your


Listen for the voice of Everlasting

Blessing His name, giving Him glory upon glory



Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed” (John 20:29).

In preparing to speak at our Ash Wednesday service, I am studying the life of David, shepherd raised up by God to king. Yes, David sinned. We all do. We all are. His heart for the Lord is such an encouragement to us to lay it all down, to praise it all up, to honor His greatness.

There is no doubt when you read any part of the Bible that there are people who will not be granted eternity. The terms ‘wicked’ and ‘unrighteous’ and ‘evil’ are used often by God to describe His created people who do not honor or love Him.

It is hard to imagine some people we know will not be in heaven when we get there.

However, I do urge you to pray for specific hardened hearts. God can remove hearts of stone and give hearts of flesh that come alive to feel remorse and greater love than before (Ezekiel 36:26).

And yes, those who believe, He will bless and bless and bless. We have to open our eyes and hearts to see His hand upon our lives, but He is ever-present with we who keep our relationship with Him strong.

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Have a blessed rest of this given day.

In Christ,




2 thoughts on “Blessed are Those Who Believe

  1. Ahh, a sweet encouragement to my soul, Julie! And a firm reminder, God will have the final say. For all who have said, “Yes” to Jesus, it is finished and we are forgiven. For those who reject Him, they will answer to God. And yes, we can rest in His justice, for God sees all, knows all and is true and righteous in every judgment. We can rest in a deepness of all that is right, when we rest in His hands. Bless you!

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    1. Thank you for reading Melissa. I am thanking Jesus for encouraging your soul here. He is so good to speak to our doubts, fears, and worries through others. I had that happen at the Mercy Me concert last week. God spoke through Bart the lead singer straight to my mama heart. Praise God! Love in Christ to you sister, Julie

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