In Honor of Faye

As I sit amid birthday balloons

My heart hangs, drenched with tears

A small girl, only six years old, is gone too soon

Social media at its best

Posted pictures, descriptions, videos

Many were the requests

To provide the local police with clues

To gather on our knees calling to Our Lord, Our Savior … except

It seems not to matter I prayed for Faye by name

Our collective prayers posted, spoken

Faye’s safety was denied on earth but heaven is not the same

How many bold cries, Lord, protect Faye, bring her home safe!

How many swollen eyes

How many lives touched

Faye’s smile in a still photo reached across thousands of miles

Faye’s death is etched in our souls

Desperate we want to DENY the power evil wields in the world

We move toward Hope, cling to good, something, anything of God as we should

Faye was a child and still is

Only now she lives

On golden, emboldened streets

In the ever-presence of Holy

Faye, we who never knew you, we love you

We look forward to our meeting when we will hug you


“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see” (Hebrews 11:1).


To respect the family’s mourning, I am not including any of the pictures of Faye posted during the search. I cannot imagine what her parents, siblings, neighbors, teachers, bus driver, and the police who searched for her and those who found her … I cannot imagine the depth of their grief and shock and perhaps anger.

Join me at 10:30am Eastern time, for a Hope-full Lunch Break. I will read this poem and lead us in prayer for this situation. Go to to catch me live or after 11am when video will post.

In Christ,





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