Jesus the Rock and Our Roll


Changing clouds

An angel’s Hallelujah … loud

All above me

His heavenly servants

Protecting us from wrecks

Guarding around

Boxing out

the predators … seeking to deceive

So many against we who believe

Yet, the King of Eternity

And His Angel Army

Never tire

Moving, breathing fire

Into our souls

Giving us the gift of Jesus the Rock

On which we roll and never stop.


Thank you for joining here at the poetry blog. The image today is from

As I have entered the work-outside-the-home world, my eyes are open to the daily spiritual battle … not just mine but ours.

I wrote this poem after a time when I felt physically vulnerable. I am a school crossing guard. One afternoon, I stood in the middle of the street with the stop sign. A vehicle sped past me.

I had to remind myself I am protected by the Creator of the Universe.

Maybe you need that reminder too.

May God bless you this given day.

In Christ,


4 thoughts on “Jesus the Rock and Our Roll

  1. Oh praise God for those angels all around you! I write today about an angel in a dream from over 20 years ago. What a beautiful confirmation, to know He sends His angels to guard and watch over all our ways!

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