A Heart in Ministry

Ministry madness
Woven with gladness

Just one more prayer to add to the list
Oh Lord, what if her name I do miss?
So many people God helps me see
So many desperate, so many needs …

These words climbing in my head
Won’t rest, they refuse to be still while I am in bed
Up again
That one again
The one with the lonely heart
Lord, will you bless her more than you did at the start
of her messed up life
You and I both know she’s had her share of strife
Lord raise up that sister warrior
The one who used to be a worrier
Oh and he, Lord, grieving, still singing

Would You comfort him, bringing peace
to his soul … fill that hole
Lord, the ones in fear
Please be near
Lord, the dry eyes, cracked lips
Getting ready to take their last trip
Send heaven’s weapons!
That baby, Lord, the one she wants to give up

Speak to her, tell her adoption can help
Dear Jesus, however do you rest?
Oh yes
Your power
Goes beyond me every second, every hour
Must I rest?
Is that allowed?
Help me serve and not be proud
Teach me to know
Your saving grace goes
To the ends of the earth
That You are the Last and the First
These hands and feet
Are dirty
Until washed clean

My prayers when pure
Are heard
May my life show You
Glow You
May the words I search for
Be glorifying to You forever more


Are you in ministry? Are you an intercessor? A leader? Yes, the needs are many, and the road is narrow. It is quite a responsibility to be His messenger. We who minister must remember our role, our limited scope, our purpose to give Him the glory and our duty to call on His strength, not exhaust our own.

I am looking forward to a worship concert next month, one I will attend with our Music Director and her husband. This concert is designed for pastors, worship leaders, ministry leaders … those who often have other responsibilities impeding time of worship.

How do you care for yourself if you are in ministry?

Join me at 4pm Eastern time for a live reading of this poem: https://Facebook.com/jdibble4Him

All photos in this post are from Pixabay.

If you are curious about what else I blog, you will find more at https://juliedibblewrites.wordpress.com.

Have a beauty-full day.

In Christ,




4 thoughts on “A Heart in Ministry

    1. Thank you for your visit here Mary. I appreciate you and your life-giving words. Just listened to Priscilla Shirer’s thoughts on prayer. It is a comfort to know we are with her in growing our prayer life as we draw near to Him. Her humility is refreshing.

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  1. Amen dear sister. Praise Him that as our great high priest, according to the order of Melchizedek, He has an unalterable priesthood that can save us to the uttermost, since He lives always to intercede for us. In order for us to be faithful ministers of the new covenant we first have to let Him serve us with bread and wine. As He serves and shepherds us we are enabled and filled to serve others.

    We should be those that come forward to Him before we attempt to “do something” for others. May He supply each of us with such a view, to slow us down, and to not search the scriptures without coming to Him.

    In Him and before His face!

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