Lord, Give me a Clean Heart


His lightning strikes
Like spikes

Through the hearts
Of all who need a fresh start

Some may know and seek
Others hide behind what they speak


He shakes the nations
Nobody wakes

He destroys houses
Nobody bows down

What will it take
For those who claim

To follow Jesus
To admit their diseases


I will begin
My heart was born into sin

If I am not vigilant
I fall time and time again

Even though He catches me
I don’t want to drown in His sea

I seek His face
I state my case

Ask Him to cleanse my soul
Knowing it is by His grace and grace alone

I am free
And if I am free

Then I shall not flee


I will stand

Let the rain fall if that’s His plan

Hear the reminder
Look in the mirror



If we don’t see Him
We offer our hearts to be washed white again


Please join me at 2:30pm on https://Facebook.com/jdibble4Him when I will go live to discuss the recent U.S. storms and how they may relate to God. I will be reading from the book of Haggai.

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All photos in this post are from Pixabay.com.

Thank you for being here. Have a fabulous day~

In Christ,


7 thoughts on “Lord, Give me a Clean Heart

  1. Methinkingthings: A blog about God, Faith, child advocacy, Mental health and on occasion about my cat...the comic relief. says:

    The realization that instead of focusing on the sins of others, we should look within. He desires mercy and a broken, contrite heart and I want to want what He wants. Thank you.

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  2. Julie, another most blessed piece. The church is in critical need of revival. I am thankful that you are part of them that desire the same. For revival begins not out there, it begins in our hearts then as a fire it burns forth.

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