the motion

the waves


be still

your soul

for we are the go

cobalt blue


not bossy

resting in

His power, His plan

heaven’s rhythm

just the right

amount of might


not smothering


not demeaning

His truth

for this life

our life we lose


For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it (Matthew 16:25).


As the night wears on, my love grows for Jesus. I pray right now for all who are lost, all who are lonely, all who doubt His existence. I pray Jesus call out tonight to His sheep around the world and may they hear His voice. I pray in His mighty power for the evil in this world to hush at the sound of His voice, that the devil and his minions retreat to the fire where teeth gnash and the night never ends. I pray that the victorious Spirit in all those who believe shout Hallelujah, Hosanna! We ask Jesus for You to forgive those who don’t know and forgive us who do know for all failings. We thank You for Your faithfulness and trust You will deliver us from evil and make Your truth spread like wildfire. We look forward to bending knees and bowing with the many of Your chosen in the Day of the Lord. Hallelujah and Amen, in Jesus name we pray.

Photo in this post is from Pixabay.com.

Thank you for visiting. Thank you if you gathered and read the prayer. He hears our prayers.

In Christ,


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