A Vision of Heaven


And the rain, she comes
Sounding strong
Do I belong?
Here in the atmosphere
Dripping with hatred
Threats treading
On holy ground
Prisoners bound
Some taken, some turned
Where are those not shaken?
Where are my brothers and sisters
Who walked, never balking in faith
Am I alone here?
Bending never
Proclaiming my love for Jesus Our king of earth and heaven
Defeater of death
He has come!
The trumpets made their sound

But when I look around
I see not one
Person or animal
Am I the worst of them all?
What, Oh Lord,
Did I not do according
To Your sovereign will?
Was it something I said?
I thought each time I doubted
I shouted,
Please forgive my ignorance
Tears flow
Like a mighty river
A suction of all my pain and sorrow
Traveling along the path of narrow

I look down
My feet are smooth, no longer misshapen
They glow in fact
The aches in my knees and back
Are distant memories
Joy is unleashed
My soul is released
From the sins of my flesh
I hear His whisper
I will lavish
Blessing upon you
A crown is waiting beneath the moon
Let us wait until the moon’s blood runs
And the angel army gathers the others

Phew I say, Oh my Lord I started to worry I went the other way
With no hesitation, Jesus … What shall say you of this worry?
Is there something you must confess in a hurry?
My heart weighed nothing
My eyes looked up toward the throne of our king
Every inch of my being
Buzzed with power within
There was the debt I say
It was paid as His eyes upon mine lay

Crying dry tears …

And all those times I lost patience?

~You were forgiven 7,000,000 times~


Heaven itself is His glory home. Our collective heart long for the day when we suffer no more.

In my spirit, I sense Heaven’s grief over all sin. In the depth of my soul, I know not all people will enter the gate of eternal worship. Not all people will choose Jesus with a servant’s heart. Not all people will accept His transforming cleansing of their souls, His love and forgiveness.

It is sobering, isn’t it?

Each choice we make in this given life brings us closer to God, puts us further away from God, or maintains a static position.

Where are you standing today?

You are children of the light and children of the day. We do not belong to night or to the darkness (1 Thessalonians 5:5).


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Have a blessed rest of this Saturday night.

In Christ,






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