a grief story

when your mom’s gone

that grief that overcomes

and powers through

your only mom

she had a way of seeing you


seeing you

in your darkest days

swimming through seas of shame

she knew secrets you didn’t know

your mama, that one of long ago


the mama who cradled you

now gathers round His throne

the mama who taught you

now bows humbly

knowing all she will ever need to know


that’s what you want to believe

but you are not sure

didn’t seem there was any reprieve

for her, your mom at the cross

did she know and not go?

left me with so much baggage in tow


that’s You Jesus

wiping my tears

calling me to write my fears

dear Jesus

my pen says nothing

til You pick my hand up

whisper words of life, stir up dust

right in my ear I hear

tell the world to never fear


tell your story says He

the One who can do anything

the One who doesn’t need me

He says “tell your story

share all, bare all

so Our Father will receive all the glory”


what if I don’t know

where my mother was carried to?

what if her eternal home is a questions, Lord

then what do I do?


“help the world see

through scars that still bleed

through past pain

and current terrain

depression doesn’t immediately lift

when grief and loss toss and mix

Jesus needs to sift

through that junk to the real pit


sharing the testimony glaring

of Him

beautiful feet speaking life

bringing the gospel to light

no more dark

stories are the spark

of fires that start



so listen here

lend your ear

especially if you have pain to bear

if you lost someone and wonder why

seek His face, look high into the sky

trust He’s got you, never letting go

His love surrounds hearts that broke

you are a gift to this world from Him

you with your loved ones (the ones gone and the ones here) are His message in the wind

to others who grieve, who ponder death and the afterlife


here it is

here’s my story

I didn’t know

anything about Him or His glory

dirt and graves

final betrays

lost both my mom and dad

such heavy weight sinking my soul sad

then I found Him

I mean He found me

either way I opened up and said yes to eternity

amazing grace


that’s how He rolls

that’s how He fights

we work too hard

we wish too much

it really comes down to simple trust

of the One who knows the end

who will take every God-fearing soul

surrendered yet bold


the time of your death

you will not know

so the green light is on for you to quickly go

to the altar, to His feet

quickening to leave this life as you see it

and be free


no not heaven yet


accept Jesus into your heart and then

believe He paid our debt

on the cross, He died and bled

but no tomb could hold

Our Messiah, Our Savior, the same now as old

believe He lives because victory over death is His

no bells, no whistles

just a tiny voice

inside you

saying “I AM here to stay

I never leave or forsake

You are mine, You have a new name

for MY sake”


a child of God

no adoption papers

just His promise in 3:16 John

whether your loved one is here or gone

you have a heavenly Father and His righteous Son


He flows

He knows

He overcomes

with grace

giving you a life to live fully before you leave this place

thank you powerful Jesus

for knowing who needs these words

Spirit nudge them

convict them

to come

meet Jesus at the cross

to be changed so deeply, never forgetting the loss


Well, I will read this poem at a local coffee house in about 3 hours. If you are reading this, please pray God draws His people to Himself tonight. I will talk of hope in grief, forever hope as opposed to temporary hope the world offers. Oh how my heart has been breaking lately reading news coming across Facebook. Babies lives snuffed out by human hands, crimes against Christians and police and innocents, reports now of sexual abuse to boys involved in Boy Scouts of America.

Friends we need to cling to His garment, read Scripture, love each other and grow our hope. We need to grow our hope everyday because if for one day we think we don’t need to seek God, the devil will pounce.

Let us not grow weary of doing good, for Our God loses sight of nothing and counts our faith toward the righteousness He gives.

May He bless you tonight wherever you are. If you are local, consider coming to Cornerstone Coffee House tonight at 7pm.

In Christ,



6 thoughts on “a grief story

  1. Julie thank you for sharing your open heart through these beautiful words. Truly we need Him so much, through the storms and the questions. I love how you brought it all back down to HIM. Blessings and love to you dear friend.


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