God’s Protection Prevails


His canopy
The shade of His trees
The cover of His flowers
Do we recognize His protection every hour?

Let fear go
For it will steal your soul
Faith is enough
Though the devil will call your bluff
What satan refuses to surrender
Is this battle that ends with him down under

Seek Our Mighty Lord
Who made the Way
For every runner in the race to score
We are His
In Him, we win
May the devil and his demons
Be crushed to smitherines

The evil is spreading
But not for long
For there is a holy wedding
Complete with The Freedom song
We the church are His bride
Dressed in white, surrounded by His angels on all sides
Jesus our bridegroom
Will ride the clouds on a stallion

At the precise time
Chosen for the devil’s final demise
A new world awaits us
Eternity plus a bonus!
Sacred heaven and earth
Fed to the fire
Emerging from all history’s muck and mire
Fresh, holy
Without any evil blemish

Yes, praise Your name, Jesus!
You never leave or forsake us!
You have chosen and woven
Us into Your family
Father God, father of Abraham and all
No lines between us evermore


Thank you for visiting. I pray your soul is saved, for you are loved.

Contact me with any questions about Jesus.

In Christ,


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