Faith Like a Child


A busy dizzy brain
Perhaps the source of that pain
Behind my right eye
Though can’t seem to verify

Before I believed in Our Holy Creator
I crammed everything into a tiny box in my mind
It had to fit, make sense or I would unwind


When gales of wind knocked me down
When shots were fired around town
When resources ran low
When I felt I had nowhere to go


Fear called my name, drew me near
Shivers over each vertebrae
Worry whispers upon worry
Into my soul of empty

Lies took root


Until God claimed His child in truth


I can’t say I will never be afraid
Ever again
But what I know
By all faith-filled seeds sown
God Our Father and Jesus Our Lord
Is sovereign over every moment, collecting every tear through pain we bore

Now and forever


I will praise His Holy name

My life and all WHY’s

I surrender to Him

Each day I choose hope in my Jesus, whom I believe I will see one day far beyond the skies


And He said, “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 18:3).


For me, it never gets old, reading about how Jesus teaches us to be like children again. There is such beauty in Our Lord and Savior asking us to come near and sit with Him. There is such comfort for all, but especially for orphans on this earth, that we are His beloved children never to be left alone again. There is such simplicity in the gospel of Jesus. If you are trying to learn about Jesus and it seems too hard, I encourage you to pray every day and read the book of Mark slowly, preferably in a study Bible which gives notes in the margin.

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Have a blessed night.

In Christ,




5 thoughts on “Faith Like a Child

  1. This is so beautiful Julie. You have described so well the way that Jesus draws us to Himself in the middle of our fears. He truly is our hope! Thank you for all the ways that you share His heart with us. Love & Blessings!


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