A Heart’s Cry (a poem after seeing the movie Unplanned)

This is hot off the press so to speak. God broke my heart for all the babies and the women who carry guilt and shame from abortion and the doctors who are living with the death of souls in theirs.


I pray for the babies
Who lost an arm before their soul was gone
I pray for the babies
With the spiritually confused mom
I pray for the babies
Twisting and turning away from the abortion tools
I pray for the babies
Not given the God-given right to breathe air and be soothed
I pray for the doctors making tombs out of wombs
I pray for Our Lord to convict hearts of His truth
To bring His babies from death to life
To rise up strong mamas in the face of strife
To create more groups, leaders, pastors, spouses, people who will be the voice of the victims, who will leave Pro-Choice behind because they are spiritually convicted.

Let us speak hope to all who wonder if they can cope
With a brand new baby
For Our Jesus makes the Way
We need Him ever so as these days get more grim
May the words we speak and our actions forever honor Him


If you haven’t seen Unplanned, I recommend you go and bring lots of tissues. I recommend you bring a notebook as God may speak to you. I recommend you bring a Pro-Choice friend or family member and pray the whole time God opens their eyes.

I pray to Our Mighty Sovereign God that He multiply the ministry of the movie, book and story to go worldwide.

I pray for you and your life.

To God, all life matters no matter how teeny or how messed up. Jesus loves you in amazing ways and will forgive you for all things if you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth He died for us on the cross and rose to life 3 days later and that you need Him to be Lord and Savior of your life.

In Christ Alone,




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