Falling in Love with Jesus, A Poetic Journey

As I look into the blank white sky
I feel nothing
But I believe with every part of my being
Every breath I am given
Every skin cell
Every thought slave be to Jesus
He is King of us
He is Lord
And Savior
Sent to be with us
Immanuel lowed to earth
Literally to a stable floor for His birth
Suckled mamas milk
Like the rest of us
Fell, bopped his head
He was a boy
So he had to learn to pee
Like my brother and my dad
Jesus worked for what he had
A carpenter by trade
Hammering nails into something he made
With holy hands
The same ones
Rescuing women, children and man
His dad died
So did mine
Maybe he spoke at Joseph’s funeral
I stood to be a comforter
In front of family gathered
Even though it cost a lot to fly to Texas the second time
I did what mattered
Isn’t that what Jesus teaches?
Pick up your cross daily
And yes theres a cost
A loss
A sacrifice of self
Required not demanded
To grow in relationship with Our Powerful Son of Man
Life lessons come full circle
For he who seeks finds treasure in His Kingdom
A true miracle
God one Father, Jesus One Given Son, One Spirit shared
With all, no matter what you have done
Jesus walked to His hanging
Carrying every burden, all sin strangling
Life, keeping us far so far
From the garden
Where God walked and talked
To naked Adam and Eve
Then sin, and shame
The beginning of purpose given to our pain
For when Jesus took the nails
He lifted every single veil
Spiritually, miraculously
Made the way
For the broken, for the lame
Touched the face
Of those with leprosy
Spoke life and forgave
All who carry guilt and shame
Freedom is never free
Someone has to pay
Our police do this day by day
Military for years have signed up knowing they may die
Jesus chose to do the will of His father
We are not to have sympathy
But with hands raised, honor His sacrifice
Praise His victory
For He says in faith, in following me
You have victory
No weapon prevails
No depression has the final say
The world and its ruler
Survive on lies
Jesus gave us firm ground
To thrive
Every poor person, poor in spirit, unemployed, tragically alone, everyone
Has hope
Because He lives
He gives
All His sheep
A chance to listen to His voice and believe
So yes, open yourselves to be used
By Our gracious merciful God
But don’t try to know or predict
Which ones need which
Reach with sincere hands
To touch those wandering and broken, so far the holy land
Search with your eyes that see
Those that are thirsty
Sipping from world’s water
Never quenching, hiding from what they don’t know is better
If Jesus left heaven,
You and I can be the yeast to truthfully leaven
We can plant seeds
We can sow them if it pleases Him
All things to and for Him
Let’s not act on our own
But wield our hearts to adore Him
Seek ye His Kingdom first
And you will not thirst
In fact your cup will overflow
Pulling you to obey His command to go
Make disciples

For whoever thought my bitter lonely alcoholic heart

Would now be a source of light and hope, praising Him for the pain that was my start,

Thanking Him for one more day in this chosen life

Because one moment with Him is a gift I would never want to ever miss



“The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life” (John 10:10, NLT).


I read this poem when I spoke Sunday night. It is hard truth to learn and live. If Jesus is not your Lord and Savior, then satan can have open season on your soul.

Jesus is life, here on earth and in heaven.

Have you accepted Jesus into your heart?

If you want someone to pray for you or with you about Jesus, feel free to email me at juliedibblespeaks@gmail.com

Be strong in Him.

In Christ,






5 thoughts on “Falling in Love with Jesus, A Poetic Journey

    1. Thank you, Jesus for moving hearts with your truth. All glory to You. May He bless you dear sister Bettie. Asking Him boldly to relieve areas of physical pain and with His holy hand lift your chin to see His face so full of love.

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