One More Day ’til Spring

One day til Spring
The feet of a songbird
Grasp the bare basin


Seeking fresh water
The glimmer of sun
Catches her eye

She can’t see in front
Only to the side

Where are the others?
Those thirsty and dry?
Alone with nothing, she sighs

She hops down
Into damp dirt
A puddle where the snow melt


Lowers her beak
Tail feathers twitch
Sips of coolness are bliss

It won’t be long now
Until she rises in song

The songbird … she
After a long winter harrowing



she did not have to wait until Spring for a fresh anointing~


I have found David (insert your name here if you are a servant of God) my servant

with my sacred oil I have anointed him (or her);

surely my arm will strengthen him (or her).

The enemy (depression, hatred, self-pity, addiction) will not get the better of him (or her);

the wicked will not oppress him (or her) (Psalm 89:20-22).


Do you get the idea? You can put your own name and own issues in Scripture to personalize it. If it doesn’t feel natural to you, move on. I wanted to share the technique because in times when I have been lowly in spirit, I need to hear Jesus speak my name. So I put my name in verses that speak comfort and saving to me.

It has been a long winter. I feel like I say that every winter. Tomorrow is the first day of Spring. Living in PA means it doesn’t get warm right away. As I go through this life with Jesus, I thank Him for each given day. He and I both know one day I will no longer have breath in my lungs.

All photos in this post are from

Have a peace-full night’s rest. I hear God is going to show off His moon tomorrow night. Not sure I will be awake to experience it. If you are, please be sure to share your pics.

In Christ,



2 thoughts on “One More Day ’til Spring

  1. Oh Julie, I love the word pictures you painted here! I have been longing for spring. And you always connect it to my soul’s longing for Christ. May we hunger and thirst for Him and run to Him for our nourishment and refreshment! Bless you, sweet sister!

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    1. Yes, may we hunger and thirst and run to Him. Melissa, been struggling today not sure why, but His promise of Spring … we will see it tomorrow. Anointing us with an abundance of beauty and grace. Bless you back. Love, Julie

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