Don’t Carry Guilt, Repent

Anxiety climbing

Crazy timing

Shaken, am I blind?

Spinning so fast

My legs bend, keys crash

I grasp for the Anchor

Have I come to the end?

Not sure where I began

At once, my heart vault cracks open


Pain pours over

His holy feet

To my knees

In silence

I offer repentance

Without one second

of hesitation

I reach for the hand

of the Son of Man

And know in my soul

I am forgiven


Then He opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures. He told them, ‘This is what is written: The Messiah will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance for the forgiveness of sins will be preached in His name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem’ (Luke 24:45-47).


Do you know Jesus loves you? Do you know He forgives every sin past, present and future? He is a powerful. loving God who takes the weight of guilt and shame every time we bring it to Him.

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Have a wonderful rest of this given day.

In Christ,



4 thoughts on “Don’t Carry Guilt, Repent

  1. Amen. This part touched me so much:
    “Pain pours over
    His holy feet
    To my knees
    In silence
    I offer repentance”
    Whenever I really look at the pain that He took on for me, I cannot stay hard hearted any longer. The heart vault opens in me too. Thank you for these beautiful words, Julie.


  2. Oh and Bettie you opened my eyes to something. When I wrote this, I imagined my pain pouring over His holy feet. How selfish of me. The meaning you gleaned, His pain pouring over His holy feet. I am breathless and thankful for you sharing with me what He gave you. Love, Julie


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