Our Struggles in Relationship with God

I have a friend
She invites a wrestle with God
Won’t come up for air until it ends
Much the same as Jacob
Who scrapped under the stars
And came up limp but blessed
Supernaturally pressed
Like olives
Arise new life!
Holy oiled with a new name in Christ
Don’t we wrestle with Him?
Argue, ignore His hands
Laying open, awaiting us to surrender our earthly demands?

Don’t we, like Jonah, run and hide?
If His light shines into denial
Sometimes it is we who are silent
While He is sending angels, whispering truth


blessing our lives with food, pets, health, parents, pastors, friends, and youth

We sit in greed
Biting the Hand that feeds

Still He says, “Come,
Sinners, you are welcome”

Every fall we take
Can deepen our faith
Whether to Him or from Him, every struggle
Does not mean it’s time for rebuttal
Instead let it be time
To glorify His name
The One who redeems ALL
His children caught in deceit
Satan is the one who sets traps
God is with you for every single lap
Satan convinces His people
They’re exceptions to His rule
His rule
His reign
Is for all
No one is excluded, no one is shamed
Once you love Jesus
I mean really love Him
You will never be the same
And those ‘same old lies’
Will be cast away
By the name of Jesus
Who protects His flock, gathering to stay the narrow way.


So if you wonder
About Our God who gives struggle
Trust it is for yours and His good
He would not, could not hurt His people
For NO reason because he is not evil


Our God is good
With plans for your individual life
No matter where you are or where you stood.



Thank you for joining here today.

All photos in this post are from Pixabay.com.

Oh the struggles we choose to have with God, and the ones He gives! Would love to hear your thoughts on this poem. You can join me at 1pm Eastern time at https://Facebook.com/jdibble4Him for the reading of this poem and whatever Scripture He gives.

If you want to read more about struggle with God, I direct you to Genesis 32:22-31. It is an interesting passage for learning and growing our faith.

Until we meet again!

In Christ,


4 thoughts on “Our Struggles in Relationship with God

  1. Oh Julie, another insightful, piercing, healing, hopeful poem! I appreciate how you share the raw realness of what we are truly like at the core and yet you point us to our Savior, our strength, our song, our only hope! God bless you, dear sis!

    Liked by 1 person

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