The Takers and the Giver


The babies hidden to you and me
Are holy-breathed by Our God of Creation unseen
They are not yet babies, you say, at 3 or 4 weeks?
Maybe not to you
Life given by Our Mighty God who
Penned their Forever Name in a book
Who knows every cranny and nook
Of their lives
Before they see the light
Outside their chosen mother’s womb

What do you think happens to those who wish and bring death to babies too soon,
Those who take the gift of life in their weak human hands
Crush it like sand?
If you knew the gift of God
You would bow your head, remove your shoes where Holy trods
If you knew the gift of God,
You would surrender being right
And work to preserve life
For Jesus, the Son of God, who died
Did so to give us abundant life
And power to overcome death
Forever free from the wrath
Of evil
You are either for God or against
I choose Him, His love which protects against
Any weapon to the physical body
For no one can steal a soul He made holy



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