Show Us Your Glory

Be still before the Lord, all mankind, because He has roused Himself from His holy dwelling (Zechariah 2:13).

Glory, Lord show us your glory
I saw it in my sister’s face
As she asked the woman her stranded story


I saw it in the gathering of ducks across his sky
Spreading their freedom wings swooping and diving high
I saw it in the kiss of the morning
Upon the Arizona no-frills hills
I heard it in the bubbling creek
Muddy and determined to stay its course


I received it in a song my husband sent

his skilled fingers strumming his love for me

I felt it in my soul when His creation swallowed my moment’s breath
His promise is everywhere
Raising life from death


For His glory is love
A delicate dove
Beauty and grace
A symphony of thunder
Sovereign and power
A baby’s tiny toes
Love and worship of Him alone defeats our foes
His glory, a covering of sin
A Hovering, His Spirit around and within
Moonlight round and yellow
Resting in reverence upon His mountains below
For the moon will one day be a glory sign
Jesus coming at the unknown time

Glory at its fullness, a light so bright we cannot see

Earth falling into the sea

Heaven right behind

As Jesus makes a new kind

Where we will worship forever

Our Lord, Our King, Our Savior


Oh it’s good to be back, though I had no photos ready to share. These words do little justice to His powerful presence I witnessed and experienced in Arizona at the women’s retreat.

Later today begins a new blog series on His Glory:

Praying about a vlog series. Come follow me and Jesus at

Have a blessed day.

In Christ,



6 thoughts on “Show Us Your Glory

  1. This is such a sweet confirmation today, Julie! This stanza especially:
    “Love and worship of Him alone defeats our foes
    His glory, a covering of sin
    A Hovering, His Spirit around and within”
    Anna and I were praying and sharing about these very things just as your post came out today. God is so very good to bring us into His Glory! Blessings to you as you continue to share about your recent trip, and the beauty that the Lord brought there.

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  2. Oh you and Anna both said the same, a confirmation. Thank you Jesus! I look forward to your podcast, and yes as I try to put the rest into words … praising Him in every letter ! May He bless your body and minds rest dear Bettie.

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